IP Management

Handling of IP assets correctly is of utmost importance for creating value through Intellectual Property and also for providing a safe business environment.

We provide high standard services for managing IP assets particularly in the following fields:

Technology Transfer Offices: We provide the technical and legal support to TTOs of top filer universities in Turkey. Our services include managing of IP portfolio, preparing license contracts and preparing contacts between the academic staff and universities.

IP Due Diligence: Carrying out due diligence and auditing is very important especially in the stage of merger and acquisition. Our primary practice involve assessment of quantity and the quality of intellectual property assets owned by a company and also determining the risks likely to be faced by third parties’ IP assets in a particular business.

Managing Large Portfolios: Handling of large portfolios in patents, trademarks and designs requires a very good organization and sensitivity. We have a strong software based infrastructure to handle complex and large portfolios which is designed to eliminate human errors.

License Agreements and Inventors’ Contracts: Contracts of licenses and agreements between an inventor and employee necessitate a legal analysis combined with a technical knowledge for establishing correct and meaningful provisions in particular circumstances. Our attorneys provide a full support in these procedures both technically and legally.

Assessment of IP: We provide diverse services including searches, freedom to operate and invalidity analysis. These can be worldwide or limited to a particular region. The searches and analysis need to be carried with all due care in order to be on the safe side and eliminating possible risks of legal conflicts. We use various search databases and crosscheck the results for providing safest results. The private opinions of us regarding FTOs and Invalidity are reliable and strong due to the extensive court experience of our professionals.