INVOKAT in V.U.C.A world analyses
the needs and visions of creators and
inventors with A.C.U.V dynamics.

INVOKAT IPS is a full-service IP Law firm with a holistic perspective for securing the intellectual property rights of our clients.

INVOKAT aims to expand its mental capacity through the support of technology based solutions in managing IP portfolios of its clients.

Providing tailor-made IP services depend on human resources with effective learning and specializing capacity INVOKAT has established a young, dynamic core group of

Key concepts
- Added Value in consulting with reasonable price
- Simple and cost effective procedurel operations

We build up our working principles along with the changing dynamics of IP strategy management. Therefore, people of INVOKAT




IINVOKAT is dedicated to provide best strategy for protecting your IP assets. Our trademark and patent attorneys have the competence to represent our clients in different authorities including Turkish Patent Office, EPO, WIPO and National IP Courts.


During the process of establishing an IP right procedural matters and legislative responsibilities do matter as from the stage of receiving the instructions for filing and continues until the end of the life-cycle of the particular right.


Infringement proceedings, either as a plaintiff or defendant, require particular attention to the implementation of law and technical issues from different perspectives. INVOKAT aims to defend the interests of clients while exploring the risks and settlement alternatives.


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Exhaustion of the Patent Rights

The exhaustion of patent rights applies for the patented products that have been put to sale by the patent proprietor or by third parties with the consent of the proprietor. In other words, patent rights may not be claimed after the product is sold out. Exhaustion of rights defined in DL No: 551 – Art. 76 actually takes the “national exhaustion” as the basis. In accordance with t...

Turkish Patent Legislation in the Perspective of the Pharmaceutical Industry

After Turkey has started to admit the patent applications pertaining to the pharmaceuticals and veterinary products in 1995 in accordance with the TRIPS agreement, fierce competition has been ignited in the pharmaceutical industry, and this competition medium has been accelerated as the patent protection was brought into effect on January 01, 1999 with provisional Article 4 of the Decree Law No: 5...