Our Firm

INVOKAT IPS is a full service IP Law firm with global perspective for securing intellectual property of our clients. We have a core group of attorneys being highly educated and specialized legally and technically in different fields, which makes us unique in Türkiye. Our firm includes dedicated professionals located in Istanbul excelling with extraordinary skills enabling us to provide top quality services and creative case strategies in intellectual property.

In Patents, our clients prefer our services mostly for drafting of patent applications and prosecuting the same before the Turkish PTO (TURKPATENT), EPO and other authorities. Validating European patents and nationalizing PCT applications are common services of us used by the international clients. We have also a strong background in providing searches and analysis such as freedom to operate and validity of the patents. We use our technical and legal capacity also in oppositions and litigations with the best case strategy from beginning till the end. Therefore, a good patent service in our firm is not enough, because it should be excellent.

In Trademarks and Designs, we provide diversity of services such as searching, registering and representation in oppositions especially before the Turkish PTO and WIPO. Our clients enjoy extensive care of us for each trademark and design case thanks to our boutique business model, and this considerably increases our success rate. We take part also in litigating trademarks and designs besides taking measures in customs and borders to provide best quality protection in Türkiye.

In Plant Varieties, our services are preferred generally for the registration of plant breeder’s rights before the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock. Our firm is one of the very few consultants in the country specialized in plant varieties such as ornamentals, fruits and vegetables. We frequently file applications either directly or based on the applications filed in other UPOV member states and before the CPVO.

INVOKAT will continue to be the reliable and strong partner of our esteemed clients for protecting their interests in Türkiye and on other jurisdictions.