Aydın Mutlu

European Patent Attorney MSc. Chem. Eng. / Managing Director, Founder Turkish Patent & Trademark Attorney CEIPI Diploma: Patent Litigation in Europe

Aydin Mutlu is a graduate of Hacettepe University holding a degree in Chemical Enginering and he has also a MSc. degree from Istanbul University / Chair of Process & Reactor Design where he concentrated on solid oxide electrolytes of Fuel Cells and characterization thereof. After completing his education, he worked for Bayer AG /Leverkusen in production facilities of Industrial Chemicals and department of Reaktionstechnik, Synthese & Katalyse, on project basis. He also completed the programme of "Patent Litigation in Europe" at CEIPI.

He advices major domestic and international clients in a wide variety of fields such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, metallurgy, automotive, household appliances and machinery with his extensive knowledge and background in European and Turkish legislations. He actively participates in patent infringement and nullity actions as a court appointed expert at the Specialized IP Courts of Istanbul.

He is one of the very few Professional Representatives in Turkey who already passed the European Qualification Exam (EQE) as a Turkish national. He speaks English and German.