Digital Transformation in Plant Breeders' Rights: UPOV PRISMA

Agricultural innovation and plant breeding are key activities for meeting nutritional needs of World's population, and for providing improved industrial plants as well as ornamentals. In parallel, protecting the hard work and investments made in these areas has become equally important.In Türkiye, the legislation on this protection is as follows; first of all, the UPOV (International Union for the...

AMAZON Decision of the UK Supreme Court: The Limits of the Principle of Territoriality of the Trademark

In today's world, Amazon operates as an e-commerce platform with a wide range of products, and offers sales and marketing services to almost anywhere in the world without geographical boundaries. However, this limitless operation also brings along certain problems, one of which is trademark infringement.Recently, the UK Supreme Court has made a decision (Lifestyle Equities CV vs. Amazon UK Service...

New Fee Regime of the EPO

EPO has recently announced new fees and fee reductions which will be applied as of 01.04.2024.   By decision of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation dated 14 December 2023 (CA/ D 16/23), the EPO introduced a new fee scheme and new rules pertaining to fee reductions for certain applicants. New changes can be summarized as follows:- New Rules 7a and 7b EPC: G...

Exhaustion of IP Rights

Exhaustion of the IP related rights is an important legal term that determines freedom of "parallel import" (gray market) to a particular territory or jurisdiction. In this case the goods imported to such territory originate from the right holder and are not counterfeit, but the right holder wouldn't have a consent to move products where they are sold to another country by third...

Turkish Patent Legislation in the Perspective of the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Patent SystemTurkey is a member state of EPC and PCT, and therefore national patents can be obtained via both routes. National patents can also be obtained via the route of a direct national filing with or without priority under Paris Convention, which is governed by the provisions of IP Law No: 6769. Turkish Patent & Trademark Office is the competent authority for receiving applications, ...


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